The FLASH BREAKDOWN! – Every EASTER EGG and Reference + New DCU Explained

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The Flash gives us the last hurrah of the old DCEU, with Barry Allen resetting the timeline with the help of 2 Batmen and Supergirl. We breakdown every part of this movie, the ending, the comic and movie reference, and talk about what this means for DC in the future.

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Written by Colton Ogburn (
Edited by Harriet Lengel-Enright, Randolf Nombrado, Lee Mazzio, and Brianna McLarty
Hosted by Ryan Arey (

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So the film begins with the logos for both Warner Brothers and DC. But to play on the time travel nature of this story, we see past versions of the logos morphing into new versions until reaching their present day designs.

The opening scene of the film is very reminiscent of this deleted Flash scene from the Snyder Cut of the Justice League. The scene even opens with Barry saying how late he is, just like in the Snyder Cut. [clip]

The film opening with Barry being late to work reminds me a lot of the opening to Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. Peter is late to work because of the responsibilities of being Spider-Man. But what makes Barry being late even more poetic is that he’s the fastest man alive but he’s STILL late.

We see Barry look down at his watch which is giving him a low calorie alert. This is a reference to his very fast metabolism and how he requires a lot of sustenance to maintain his super speed. [clip, justice league, flash “I need to eat, go find alfred in the pantry”]

Barry’s phone rings and we see Alfred’s name along with an animated Butler picture that looks a lot like the Alfred from Batman the Animated Series. We then get the triumphant return of Jeremy Irons Alfred Pennyworth.

He’s calling Barry to let him know that Batman needs a hand. We then hear Barry ask Alfred why Superman or Wonder Woman or any other members of the Justice League can’t come help. Alfred says that Superman is busy and Wonder Woman can’t be reached. Similar to this scene in Far From Home. [clip, Peter asking Furry about other heroes]

We get a brief glimpse of Henry Cavill’s Superman fighting a volcano, but we don’t see his face. Likely because Cavill is out as the Man of Steel, something Colton is still crying about.

We then see Barry make his way to the bathroom to change, well not so much to change, he could change so fast no one would even notice. But more so to make it look like he didn’t vanish from thin air when he speeds away.

After he suits up we hear for the first time in DCEU history Bary referred to as “The Flash.” [clip]

And we actually already saw where Barry got the idea to call himself The Flash over in the CW’s DC Universe when Ezra Miller’s Flash made a cameo alongside Grant Guston’s Flash. [clip]

Notice that this girl who is a huge flash fan, is actually wearing two flash pins on her jacket. She’s actually secret casting of another speedster from the comics who might get powers in a future movie, this is your mom.

Barry runs from Central City to Gotham City to help Batman. In the comics Central City is the Gotham City to Barry’s Batman or the Metropolis to his Superman, it’s his own fictional city. And speaking of Superman, this scene of Barry running across different terrains was very reminiscent of Superman’s first flight in Man of Steel. [clip]

So the skinny of it is that a deadly virus has been stolen by some bad guys. A virus that could wipe out a significant portion of the population.

We then see Ben Affleck’s Batman pursuing the bad guys on his batcycle. This batcycle looks very similar to the batpod from Nolan’s Dark Knight films. Difference being that the batpod had 2 fat tires. Whereas the Batfleck batcycle has dual tires in the front and one fat tire in the back.

Barry asks why Batman seems to be fleeing the scene and he explains to Barry that he’s chasing the bad guys and that he needs Barry to save the people in the hospital. When mentioning the bad guys we hear Batman refer to “Falcone’s idiot kid” being the leader of this robbery gone wrong.

Falcone is a classic mob boss Batman villain that we’ve seen in prior films like Batman Begins and The Batman. [clip]

Now in typical Batfleck fashion we see Batman using guns. These guns are connected to his bike, but in his defense the “no killing” Bail Batman also had guns on his batpod.

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37 thoughts on “The FLASH BREAKDOWN! – Every EASTER EGG and Reference + New DCU Explained

  1. There are a couple references to argentinian culture. There is a mate in the first 15 minutes and the pizza place in the postcredits scene is called Bochini, in honor to an argentinian football player who played for Independiente (Andy s team).

    Andy is argentinian.

  2. I don't know if you folks over at Warner Brothers ever read any of these comments, but if, on the off chance you see this, the real issue with how poorly you're movies are doing when measured against marvel isn't exactly story, but it's the fractious nature of your universe. You've got movies that take place in different universes and have no relationship with one another. I know this is perhaps your first attempt to link all of them together through a multiverse theory, but what we really want as fans is consistency. We need a coherent story, there's thousands to choose from, and we need certainty in casting. Which means, while we initially objected to Henry Cavill being Superman, taking him away now doesn't satisfy that complaint for us. On the contrary, we got used to him in the part, and now you're rebooting the whole thing. It's frustrating, especially since most of us as fans grew up with different actors playing thee same characters, just in different venues. If you're going to make a real DC universe, please stick to a single theme. If it's going to be really dark like The Batman was, And Joe Quinn Phoenix as joker would fit very well in that universe, then all the other movies and Justice League characters have to fit that universe as well. Otherwise you have nothing that creates a narrative bridge between movies, And greatly diminishing the need to SEE those movies.

  3. “Is it 25 minutes or 26 minutes until 4am?” is the understood meaning of the Chicago song lyric. Basically the singer is so tired and discombobulated so late in the evening/early in the morning that, while looking at an analog clock/watch face, the singer can’t even tell what time it is.⏰🕟

  4. Aquaman asks Barry in his end scene, “So you’re saying that I’m the same in every universe?”, which is an Easter egg that Jason Momoa is always Aquaman in every multiverse, including future films.

    I think.

  5. Also, I like to think that Gotham in the Keaton Batman timeline is crime free because the villains (Joker and Penguin) end up dead at the end of their stories. I like to think this trend continues

  6. So is Barry older than superman? Because going back to when he was 8 years old wasnt before henry cavil already landed on earth how did it change the fact that he was now caught on the way to earth and supergirl wasnt. And she landed here.

  7. But why is Barry's time-travel to the past in ZSJL did not cause any major change in that universe?
    Why is the time travelling sequence in the past by Barry is so different in ZSJL and in The Flash movie? There's no chronoball in ZSJL.

    Someone please explain this.

  8. General Zod was best played by what’s his face acted with Christopher Reeve‘s he also played one of the shot caller on the movie where the aliens came to live with humans they had bald heads with patterns they drink sour milk to get drunk I forget the name.

  9. I think I caught an Easter egg that you didn’t see. Kara was found in Russia and this could be a reference to the graphic novel Red Son which shows an alternate timeline when Superman crashed in Russia instead of Kansas.

  10. LOL! Ryan, all babies are in rolling carts in hospitals. They roll them into their mother's room after cleaning them up and checking their physical health after they are born.

  11. 12 minutes in; is this just Marvel references as an insult for the whole easter egg vid? Like, WTF? You might as well review all the Marvel films by comparing them to scenes from the Chistopher Reeve Superman movies. Not sure I'm gonna finish this.