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The happiest workout on EARTH

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I Fell in Love with a Vampire! My Spooky Boyfriend Wants to Bite Me | Superheroes in Real Life

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Relationships can be spooky not only with the unknown situations and a broken heart. After all, how can you not be scared if your boyfriend wants to bite you? What did you expect when you fell in love with a vampire – special relationships have special problems!

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Fanboy Fail: The Joker Edition

Watch as one man’s Joker obsession spirals out of control in this hilarious yet cautionary tale. With his face painted like Joaquin Phoenix’s iconic Joker, and his every move a copy of the Clown Prince of Crime, he takes on the infamous stairs scene from the movie. But what happens next will have you laughing out loud and cringing in sympathy. From fanboy fail to cosplay catastrophe, this short animation shows the dark side of fandom and the painful consequences of trying to become your hero.

Created & Animated by Danny Lesco
Creative Assistance by Tom Palumbo
Voiced by Shane Vespender

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