joker willink | 015 lemonparty

joker willink | 015 lemonparty

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shoutout to yellowkings Jonkster18, IG: @TweepCo , Danny Martins IG: @Phi5h Discord: Dart , Carroll Moore, @Garrettvapesalott for vape tricks on instagram. Premiere died while editing, didnt save, and apparently I forgot to add these guys. give them a follow.

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0:57 Soy Face / Setup
3:55 Soy Face Part 2
4:27 Grammys
11:59 Academy Awards/ CODA / Deaf People
15:39 Sheath Underwear Ad
19:00 Blue Chew Ad
20:32 Fake Accents & Affectations / Gay Movie Remakes
24:48 Bowen Yang / SNL
28:15 Little Rascals
33:39 Trump Hosts SNL
34:36 Lemon Party 1st Guest?
36:00 Jace’s Horrible Benihana inccident
44:00 Surfshark Ad
45:45 Raycon Ad
50:51 Shaming / Raising Children
51:34 Depressed Boomer Gratitude / Reptilian Shapeshifting Grandma
54:00 Greed / What I Dont Have / Idioms
56:52 The American Dream / JMC College Majors / Lonely Journalism Lady
1:04:34 Budd Dwyer / The News
1:07:11 Joker Willink
1:13:03 Frumpy Online Women / Pizza the Hut
1:15:37 Wrap Up / Patreon Tease / Operation Kidnap Will & Dawn / Jimmy Darts / Devan’s Hate

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