Style Theory: The Color of EVIL! (Puss in Boots)

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Think of your all-time favorite villain. Is it the Joker? Thanos? Big Jack Horner? Whoever it is we guarantee they’re wearing purple. But why? WHY do the most iconic villains wear the same color? Does wearing a deep violet automatically make you EVIL? Or is there something else we’re missing?
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Writers: Amy Roberts
Editors: Tyler Mascola, Warak, and Dom Sealion
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Designer: Yosi Berman
Thumbnail Artist: DasGnomo
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21 thoughts on “Style Theory: The Color of EVIL! (Puss in Boots)

  1. In school I had to do a science paper about who discovered/ invented chlorine ( which is commonly associated with dying peoples hair green when they have highlights and swim in a pool often) which was Carl Scheele so it was cool to actually know who Matpat was talking about for once.

  2. i’m very curious how much is intentional and how much of character color design is based on accessibility. i could be wrong about this but i believe comics back in the day could only print in primary colors, hence why the original hulk was grey. the colors stood out against the greys and blacks. purple and green also aren’t really complimentary colors, so putting them together is always a choice (purple goes with yellow and green with red). i digress, i wonder if there’s something to be said about pure purple palettes versus purple and green characters. purple and green characters have a soft side, think beetlejuice, buzz light year, hulk, even the joker and riddler, they have a chance at redemption and some heart beyond the basic evil. pure purple characters, however, thanos, jack horner, ursula, they don’t usually have that appealing soft side and don’t usually come through ever. i also think the less saturated purple comes from a history of associating purple and blue with black because evil characters always wear dark colors. you see this especially in old comics and cartoons where they use purple instead of black.