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When you have your gadget/weapon that you want to use selected, then press L1 to switch to a closer view of Joker wielding said weapon. A weapon is keyed to a certain directional button. When walking around or exploring a level, the X button can have different uses. There’s other clowns around, so Phoenix’s Arthur Fleck may have used the clown look originally as a disguise. Wanna get somewhere, you gotta move around, right? We’re talking about the fight against the belief that one nation, one people, one race, one gender, or one species has the right to dominate, control and use and exploit another with impunity,’ Phoenix said in his long-winded speech. When you use the evade button near an enemy, Joker will vault on to the guard and leap frog off of him, sending the guard stumbling behind him while Joker gets to safety. When in free combat, you may notice instances where you knock down an enemy, and you see circles radiating from their head with stars. R2- Crouch walk. Moving the left analog stick while crouched will move Joker around while keeping his head down, making his movements more stealthy and making him harder to spot.

While a guard goes down, Joker will dance around a bit having a good laugh, making it not a good choice to use if a guard casually walks around the corner and spots you. This is always a good maneuver, it will maintain your combo, and can save your life if you get swamped. The underground vents are VERY useful hiding places, and good spots to set up ambushes. X. When you do, Joker will yank open the floor panel and hop in, allowing you to move in the underground vents. This means they’re open for a ground takedown, joker costume a brutal attack which will put an enemy down on the spot. The slide is the safer of the two, as the somersault is very lengthy and leaves Joker very open to enemy attack. Normally, Joker does a plunging dive, followed by a hand spring leap that will either finish with a slide or a spinning somersault. When you’re near a ledge, run to it, and Joker will automatically leap when you reach the end.

Tap X, and Joker will hide and be able to peek around corners, and instigate a corner takedown (if the moment arises.) If you’re near a fence or ledge, an option to climb up or over that barrier may pop up. Triangle- Counter/Stealth Takedown. The triangle button has two uses. When you quickly double tap the X button in a direction, Joker will do a swift dodging maneuver. Attack. This is pretty much the exact same as the normal square button attack. It’s worth noting that Joker’s takedown animations (while, again, much funnier) take quite a bit longer than Batman’s. Again, Joker’s are much more fun to watch than Batman’s, but his ground takedown animations are MUCH longer than Batman’s, and unlike other attacks, you WON’T be able to counter or defend against an enemy if they choose to attack you. Joker’s stun is slower than Batman’s, as there is a small delay where he takes out the can to when he sprays it. Circle- Gas stun. The circle button, like Batman’s, is used to temporarily stun an enemy or several enemies when in combat. Notice the enemies around you.

If you’re near a corner or something to hide behind, a prompt to use that spot as cover may pop up. To get out of an underground vent, go underneath the floor panel, and a prompt will pop up. Press X to jump out of the vent. This is best used for maintaining a combo, or knocking out an enemy if they move in too close to you. When you see this, tap triangle, and (like Batman) Joker will swiftly block the enemy attack, and (humorously, I might add) strike them back, often knocking them back for a moment or two. Tap X, and Joker will climb the obstacle. Note: With Joker’s gun, quickly tap L1 to fire off a shot. Joker’s combat utilizes extremely unpredictable sweeping kicks, slaps, and chops. Michelle cut a casual figure on set in khaki green combat trousers. First, when in normal combat with enemies, a trigger will show when an enemy is about to attack. For your sake, I do hope you are familiar with how Batman plays, so you will understand what I mean. For the uninitiated, lip fillers are medical-grade gels that are injected into the lips.

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