Joker is NOT a Victim

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Hey gang! HiTop Films here with another Batman Video Essay, this time, it’s actually a Joker Video Essay. Ya know, I ain’t the biggest fan of Joker when he depicted as a product of society, like in Todd Philips Joker. In my humble opinion, Joker is NOT a Victim.
Just like, in my humble opinion, Batman Does Not Kill. What is your favorite take on Joker? Let me know. Grant Morrison Joker is the best The Joker.
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36 thoughts on “Joker is NOT a Victim

  1. Very good video as usual, Alex. I always enjoy hearing what someone has to say on DC characters (No, I don't work for Warner Bros) Allow me to give my two cents:

    I very much agree that the joker is an idea more than anything else, an idea perfected in The Dark Knight and outright said by him in Suicide Squad. But I don't really see him being one guy. People can reinvent themselves overtime, but not the amount of times that Batman and Joker have been rebooted. To me, it makes mores sense that it's just three guys over the course of years.

    Another thing is the point of the Joker film: it's not supposed to be taken as a serious origin story. The film outright shows us that Arthur is an unreliable narrator due to his mental health. That feels like one of the most faithful interpretations of his line from "The Killing Joke" about his past being multiple choice I've ever seen. There is another theory going online that Arthur imagined Batman and his endless battles with him in his head. It doesn't really make a lot of sense to me either, but that kind of proves my next point.

    You see, the entire point of asking what the Joker's past is like a classic monster movie: it's much scarier if you leave everything to the imagination. That's why there never seems to be a definitive Joker origin story, because the writers know that anything you think of will be much scarier than what definitively happened. By changing the story everytime, it reveals itself for the joke that it is.

    And that is the biggest irony of all. You are right about Ol' Mr. J not caring about what any (except Batman) thinks of him, but not in the way you think. See, I'd argue that he does care in a way. Because the moment anyone picks up on the inconsistencies of these numerous "multiple choice" backstories… we become the clown ourselves. Of course the Joker would/wouldn't care enough to make different backstories. We — and our utter bafflement at how a man can repeatedly give us multiple potential backstories, none of which may be true — we are the Joker's punchline.

    Let's face it, we do love overanalyzing media, and I'd even agree that the Joker is taking advantage of of that fact. He does love the attention after all. But isn't that sort of the point of the character from a certain view? After all, if we spend this long obsessing over the backstory of a character that has none and doesn't even care about his past, well… I'd say that's the biggest, cruelest joke of all.

    It's no coincidence that directors are always reinventing the Joker, because they see him as Bob Dylan: he's not just a person, he's an idea.

    But that's just me. After all, the scariest thing about a character like Joker is not knowing anything about him, right?

  2. The best part of the joker is his true origin is unknown.. people fear what they don’t understand. That’s why the joker is my favorite villain of ALL TIME😁❗️

  3. There’s a character in the comics called Alexis Kaye, eventually Punchline, who made a podcast about how the Joker is sympathetic and is trying to spread a “deep” message, and wow, did that ages well.

  4. I think the reason people are getting bored of the joker is mainly because a lot of people borrow too much from the old jokers especially Heath, Ledger’s joker as that one is iconic we need a joker that could be interesting the reason why phoenixe’s jokers was honestly the highlight of the movie is because he wasn’t a heath clone he was his own Joker and even if it was a origin story on how he became the joker I liked the character as it wasn’t a health ledger 4.0 and no I don’t hate health ledger joker I just don’t like people borrowing so much from his take of the character

  5. I hope we can get something similar to Scott Snyder's joker in Pattinson's Batman. I doubt we'll ever have this, but Death of The Family and Endgame shows us such violent and unhinged joker, he's prepared to do anything just to hurt Bruce and that's amazing

  6. Imagine if Philips Joker changed his past for the next two movies hiding his true character origin, it's too late now I guess but connecting the the last movie could tie up that there isn't a true story for joker and lead to a batman relationship at the end

  7. Victim or not any who choose to kill or molest at all for that matter are to be imprisoned for the remainder of their existence in what amounts to a studio apartment with a wall down the middle of it with no outlets that they never leave again.

    Go Vegan ⚜️

  8. I'm not bored with Joker.. I'm tired of seeing him, I want other villains to shine, Joker is just easy for writers, no need to think riddles or themed crimes…

  9. I hate the way he abused Harley Quinn in the cartoon series. He's not a victim. He's a villain. Joker comes across as a sociopath and a psychopath. I'm still not sure of the difference.

  10. I was unsubscribed for a while. I'm back in it now just for this video because this is EXACTLY what I've been saying and thinking. I'm so tired of this pissypants sympathetic society-made-me Joker. It's ruined the character and made a meme out of him.

  11. I think making Joker a Victim is symptom of a very big problem of idealizing villains and bad people, rather then focusing in these dark times on heroic characters. Characters that helped me through those past rough years were Sonic, Batman, Ahsoka and Pete "Maverick" Mitchel. We should focus more on a heroes in these dark times we have now, and not idealizing evil because "that's how the world is" or "heroic characters are boring". We need more good guys nowdays.

  12. I just came to watch it that's it i've never felt more fear my entire life sitting and watching this Everything you said was right About the joker The only reason I'd like 2019 Joker What's because I was in a similar dark place And that scares me more than anything

    Joker does have a name Satan
    Not literally But more in the sense He is evil He just is And that's terrifying

  13. The last really great Joker story I've seen was just a short story really. I don't remember what it was from, but it was weird, a bit creepy, and pretty funny. For a whole week Joker just stayed under a therapist's bed, and when the guy fell asleep Joker would slightly move things in the therapist's place. It really says something that the last good story was a one-off.
    That said, the best Joker is still the one who went around yelling about boners.

  14. I think Jack Nicholson was the best Joker. He seemed perfectly fine e on the surface, but would shoot someone without batting an eye. Every now and then, the real persona would come out.

  15. Heres what the best jokers have

    1. Doesn't see himself as a victim

    2. He doesn't blame Batman for what he became

    3. Dont show his origin story, jokers more terryfying, and interesting if we literally dont know anything about who he used to be

    And 4. Dont make us pity him!

    The closest Joker that fit these requirments are

    BTAS Joker
    TDKR Joker
    TDK Joker
    The Harley Quinn show Joker
    The batman 2004 Joker
    The Barman 2022 Joker
    Arkhamverse Joker
    Under the red hood Joker
    And possibly the killing Joke Joker due to the flashbacks beimg one of the fake origin storys he made up

    I know i probably missed a few bit i cant think of anymore

  16. Honesty, Joker needs to die. The dude has plot armor that makes Batman's plot armor feel like play dough. I recall seeing a panel when Todd killed one of the three Jokers, and killed Joker at a beach. I heard the Three Jokers isnt cannon but it felt good to see him die twice.

  17. The Joker is based on The Man Who Laughs. He then found his identity from one who died in the early days of Gothum. The one who picked up the torch of The Joker is unknown. We do know in Bruce Waynes generation The Joker was a mobster, a clown, a comedian. There were several origins which were all made canon. The limits of The Jokers evil shown when even he chose to oppose a multiversal threat. Alfreds words work perfectly, "some people just want to watch the world burn". The Joker is chaos for the sake of chaos not evil for the sake of evil. "I am a dog chasing cars, I would not know what to do if I caught one, I just DO things".He wants others to become like him. The Joker does not mind killing people. He does not like it when people stop his plans. The Joker wants to be in control of Gotham. I feel like I am missing something though my attempts to articulate that piece I am missing has resulted in me deleting the final sentence to this post and adding this, because what I had written did not seem correct.