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If we posit now at least four Robins worth of clean living for Batman in this continuity, Justice League membership, friendship with Superman, no instances of trying to kill villains since and no real consequences since for Batman’s attempt on the Riddler’s life, then (problematically for the story) Catwoman’s got it right in the end: “Who cares?” King has earned Batman’s nervousness to propose to Catwoman and Batman’s reluctance to seek out true happiness for himself, but for Batman to be this out of sorts — for his deep, dark secret that he (ludicrously) believes might turn Catwoman away from him to be that one single time when he was young he almost crossed the line but then it turned out OK — is markedly absurd. This gets strange as regards Poison Ivy, for instance, or what Batman’s relationship is with Two-Face Harvey Dent; also, though of course some of this is due to different writers and stories being told at different times, it seems a big waste now that in Justice League vs. Scott Snyder’s Batman: Zero Year was a shot in the arm, a tonal corner-turning immediately reflected in the stories that followed, which announced a brand new day in Batman comics.

2019 DC Movie Joaquin Phoenix Joker Cosplay Costume For Sale - Cosplayini Cosplay Ideas For the emphasis this flashback story places on Joker and Riddler, one might mistakenly have thought they’d featured in King’s Batman stories so far. King’s story is tonally aligned with what came before and what seems to come out of it is simply Catwoman’s answer to Batman’s marriage proposal — unless all of this is really a scheme by the Riddler — and surely that could have been accomplished in less than an eight-issue flashback. My hope is the punchline for this story is still to come. I hope King returns to the events of War in the present time, as some sort of relevance for this story going forward would redeem it significantly as more than just a villains’ character piece interrupting Batman’s present action. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles, a frustrated Riddler lectures Batman that “not every story is your story!” War really is the Joker and the Riddler’s story (and Kite Man’s) more than Batman’s. 4: The War of Jokes and Riddles? It goes again to the question of how and when War will actually matter or if it’s just a speculative tale for its own sake. The Dark Knight will also don a new cutting edge suit, featuring blue armored plates.

In contrast to Snyder’s Batman: The Court of Owls, which included Batman’s cadre of Robins and their various continuity eccentricies, Daniel’s Detective might be considered “Batman classic,” the book you could give to any reader (or, perhaps, fans of The Dark Knight Rises) and they could understand it easily — Batman, Commissioner Gordon, Alfred, and the Joker are the main actors here. There may be many performances that stand out, when we look back on comic book movies, but who can forget Heath ledger role in the movie “The dark knight rises”. He will be reprising his role as the iconic Jean-Luc Picard in the series, which takes place 20 years after the events of his final film in the series, Star Trek: Nemesis. As for Catwoman, if Rebirth is about knitting together DC’s disparate histories, then depicting Selina tastefully in the Jim Balent costume is a bold and (for this 1990s fan) welcome choice, giving all these little bits of continuity their place while updating them for modern sensibilities. That’s no more apparent than when King puts the Riddler in the Joker’s place in a scene from Tim Burton’s Batman, bizarre as the sequence is.

Nolan directs action with much more style and bravado than he did the first time around, even if there are a few too many breathless gadget-unveilings for my taste-like a silly scene in which we’re asked to appreciate the “titanium tri-weave alloy” of Batman’s new suit. A fan asked Snyder on social media if the color grading would change for The Snyder Cut. Andy is a senior writer at Screen Rant as he has covered the world of entertainment journalism since 2010, including superhero/comic book media. The book asks, what’s the difference between a joke and a riddle? As you can see, Joker’s Batsuit is the twisted perversion of the ideal that Batman hoped to rise to – another psychological “joke” to play against his old foe. Really the greatest throughway between past and present in this story is King building on the history of his breakout take on Catwoman (not Ed Brubaker, but few can be) and of course spinning the origin of Kite Man.