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It’s noted for being the first point in the game you have to fight 2 Titans at the same time. Note: You will have 38 seconds until the floor powers up. Note: you will have 48 seconds until the floor powers up. Note: You will have 58 seconds until the floor powers up. Again, try to keep your momentum going strong, and they won’t have a chance to do anything. It’s a very interesting map, with numerous vents and walkways to hide around, but guards have very precise patrols, which can make it more than a handful. While other Netflix hits including Bridgerton and the Queen’s Gambit feature characters in glamorous costume’s, Squid Game has a much more muted look with most of its characters in simple turquoise track suits or one piece red boiler suits. Once again, it requires more luck than anything else. I won’t lie: You’re gonna need a little bit of luck here.

Click here to buy a Witch costume for kids from Walmart for $15.27. So the name of the game here is speed. The show is steeping into mainstream fashion with Vogue and Grazia both doing ‘Squid Game’ edits, temping their fashion-forward readers to try the fashion for size. Instead, try to wait a bit, then move downstairs and take out the guard on the lower floor. He says the way to a quick victory is to wait until the guard walks past the door, then run down the stairs and drop down the grate. During the panel discussion, Snyder finally confirmed the movie will be split into four hour-long parts or episodes, then later released as one long movie. While it didn’t give much away, joker cosplay folks on Twitter pointed out the particular Zack Snyder look and feel to the updated footage. Otherwise, they’ll start to spread out and look for Joker, ruining any chance of a quick group kill. Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x4 Let’s start things off easy, shall we?

If a guard has a cattle prod, put them down with a quick takedown or gunshot. This challenge takes place in the pump room, where in the main story, Batman must go to shut down the pumps spewing Titan into the waterways. It’s certainly not a tough roster to take down. From there, joker suit you can easily take out the one in the building and the one on the balcony with little trouble. It’s the biggest of all the maps, so it’s easy to lose a combo simple due to a guard wandering about, or take a hit out of nowhere from a console or gunfire. Round 3- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x6, Cash x1 There’s nothing to really worry about this round, as the guards will focus mainly on you. Round 1- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5 Note: All enemies in this round are armed with machine guns.

From where you start, there’s 1 guard walking by right in front of you, 2 just to the left of that one (behind the large pump) 1 patrolling the bottom floor, 2 patrolling the walkway to the right (under the control room) and 2 just chilling in the control room. Pay homage to one of the most iconic Jokers of all time with this Dark Knight-era costume. The second a guard drops a cattle prod or gun, another will move to pick it up, meaning you’ll be wasting time on disarms and takedowns. I personally recommend moving up to the left walkway and taking out the guard there first and foremost. There will no doubt be guards picking up cattle prods left on the ground from previous battles, so watch out for them first and foremost. Round 3- Riot Guard x7, Cash x1 note: Two of the Riot Guards are armed with cattle prods. Round 2- Security Guard x1, Riot Guard x5 note: The Security Guard and one of the Riot Guards are armed with cattle prods. The cattle prods are a new addition to the combat challenges.