Harley Quinn Season 3 Valentine’s Day Special Clip 2 The Magic Kiss

#HarleyQuinn Season 3
Harley uses Wonder Woman’s Lasso on Ivy to make her confess that this was not her best Valentine. She arranges a magic potion from Etrigone so that she can give Poison Ivy the best sex of her life.


Harley Quinn
DC Universe
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Kaley Cuoco
Jason Alexander
Lake Bell
James Gunn
Sanaa Lathan
Alan Tudyk
Diedrich Bader
Tony Hale
J. B. Smoove
Christopher Meloni
Ron Funches
Wanda Sykes
James Adomian
Andy Daly
Jacob Tremblay
Wayen Knight
Alfred Molina
Jim Rash

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24 thoughts on “Harley Quinn Season 3 Valentine’s Day Special Clip 2 The Magic Kiss

  1. I will never understand this American obsession with having sex on Valentine’s Day! Surly the whole point of Valentines Day is to do whatever the female of the relationship wants to do which 99 times out of 100 is not sex!

  2. No but harley going to hell just to buy some stupid thing to make her gf had the BEST sex in her life which make Ivy’s pheromones explode in the whole city and people had sex like animals like this is the most harley queen moment ever cmon she’s insane for that

  3. U know for something to have that much affect to be only 49.99 is a steal even at full price would be like 100 or even 110 so your still getting a good deal and the best night with your partner