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If there’s ever been a villain from the overarching comic book pantheon that has managed to create a cult following around them, then it has to be the Joker. The Joker even comes with one of the infamous “Laughing Fish” from that revered storyline, as well as a flayed deck of playing cards, with Jerry Robinson’s original Joker design emblazoned on them, a jester’s cane (because) and a Madcap Mallet, just like the Super Powers figure! This set even includes the table, lamp and chair from that iconic scene, in addition to various guns, knives, playing cards, handcuffs, hands, and oh… He came with a nicely tailored suit, a laughing fish, some playing cards, and of course a Joker’s head cane. The Complete JOKER’S WEEK Index of Features. The  zelda cosplay   Joker, sculpted again by Tim Bruckner, is equal parts Brian Bolland and the Joker’s initial inspiration, actor Conrad Veidt from The Man Who Laughs. In the past few months, we’ve had the superhero as wry man about town ( Iron Man), Jekyll-and-Hyde loner ( The Incredible Hulk), surly drunk ( Hancock), and loveable lug ( Hellboy II: The Golden Army).

In some versions of the comic book character’s origins, the man who would be Joker fell into chemicals that bleached his skin and hair and twisted his mouth into the distinctive rictus. She uses make up to cover up her dyed skin so she can appear as her “normal” self to get a job working as a therapist, then goes for try outs at a roller derby, where -after brutally beating up the other entrants- she gets a position on the team. And hey, the Joker is the only villain in the line to get a dedicated vehicle! Looking as if he stepped right off of Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson’s iconic 1966 poster, Mego’s Joker represents the company at a turning point in their massively successful World’s Greatest Super Heroes line. Expanding the line into villains (three of which were Batman foes, and four if you count Catwoman from the Super-Gals subset) set a new standard in superhero action figures.

The “Power Action Madcap Mallet” function worked like a charm for bashing your unfortunate Batman and Robin action figures! The huge, girl joker costume Cheshire Cat-like smile and manically wide eyes make it almost look like Joker has accidentally unleashed his own Joker Grin toxin on himself. He would make that villainous face. And if you made the villains, you had to make the most popular, the Joker. It has been confirmed that the Joker movie will not be playing in the same Aurora, Colorado theater the 2012 shooting took place at, with the families of the 12 victims sending a letter to Warner Bros. Aside from the fact that buying a costume you’ll only wear once or twice before sending it to the back of your closet, only to be donated eventually, isn’t the best financial move, it’s also not great for the environment. Just the imagery, it’s great. Many of them are some of the nicest ever produced for the characters, joker harley quinn costume at an initial price point that was much more affordable than the imports. She has also posted a more recent picture of her two-year-old daughter Stormi matching costumes with her father Travis Scott.

The pair debuted their matching pink winged costumes on Instagram. This clown usually has a blush toned face with white around the eyes. She wore a low-cut white collared top that showed off her cleavage, toddler joker costume tucked into a tight black corset that hugged her slim figure complete with red sweatbands on both of her arms. Mouth with red lines around the white. The Joaquin Phoenix red costume can never be complete without the clown star shoes. You can almost hear him murmur, and his lips smack when staring at the included smirking face, and feel the echoes of his cackle in the interrogation room when looking at his laughing visage. If you’re looking to team up with your son as the ultimate criminal duo, then you can both wear our official DC Comics Dark Knight Joker Costume and pretend that you’re Heath Ledger. I assume if you’re on this article searching to become The Joker you probably know a thing or two about him, but you never know. He actually comes with two jackets, his fedora, and just about every accessory he used in the film, from the gas mask he gifted Vicki Vale to the megaphone he uses at the parade, even the chattering teeth from the cathedral finale.