Disney Adults Grocery Shopping!

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44 thoughts on “Disney Adults Grocery Shopping!

  1. It's funny, but what's really sad is I have friends who are a gay man couple, and they truly do act like this…that's not to cast dispersions because they're really close friends…and hilarious

  2. My sister has every single 50th anniversary Disney McDonald’s toys and she just has been sitting in my room and it’s kind of funny that she has it but I’m surprised that she collected all of them 😂😂😂😂😂❤ 🐭🐭🏰

  3. There's a sweet older couple that I housesit for when they're on trips, and everything they own is Disney related lol. Plates, utensils, pot holders, knives, I've seen it all while I've been there

  4. ok thi is so random im just pointing out something that happened in moana so when she got trapped in the cave by maui or however u spell his name
    moana actually almost sweard by saying son of a-