First watch of Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (1993)!

UNEDITED Watchalong:


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33 thoughts on “BATMAN: MASK OF THE PHANTASM Reaction!

  1. This story is loosely based on what in the comics was called Batman: Year Two (Detective Comics 575-578), some characters were combined and some elements changed to fit in more with the animated series. The original adversary was called The Reaper, if I recall correctly this was the first time Todd McFarlane (creator of Spawn) ever illustrated Batman.

  2. Regarding Batman's heart in contrast to Superman:

    I know everyone hates Josstice League, but there's a scene in that movie where Bruce is talking to Alfred about Superman that alwys stuck with me… Bruce says that Clark was an alien and managed to fight crime, have a job and fall in love and Alfred is asking what's that got to do with the situation and Bruce said "He's more human than I am"

    I believe Joss captured that beautifully… Superman really became a full fledged human being at heart… Bruce never managed to.

    Great reaction to a great movie, you earned a susccriber today.

  3. 25:55 You need to watch the Justice League animated series (including Unlimited but that only after watching at least a few episodes of Batman Beyond or maybe in parallel with that [just need to watch the latter before the end of Unlimited Season 2). No, Joker and Toyman don't work together in Justice League but they do both make appearances in the same series (in different episodes) and they both work with other villains.

    After Batman: The Animated Series it's Justice League that really shows who and what Batman is. Some of the best Batman moments ever occur in this series.

  4. I watched this movie for the first time when I was 10 years old I'm 18 now I was blown away by the story, the acting, and the animation was amazing. I'm a huge Batman fan and this I have an ever growing collection of Batman comics I've amassed over the past 2 year's. This is a better Batman origin movie than Batman: Begins. You will be missed Kevin Conroy your legacy will outlast any other Batman actor and voice actor.

  5. For anyone who still doesn’t know: there’s a comic that elaborates on how joker gets away.

    Andrea takes herself and Joker to the
    sewers where they both resume to duck it out. However, the explosions throws them further into the sewers—causing them to get separated.

  6. I just joined your Patreon for the full reactions, but the episode is blurred out completely. How can I get your unedited reaction and the full episode without it being blurred out?

  7. I really like how many ways you can go with this ending
    Andrea accepts veangeance and leaves Batman to kill the Joker

    But at the same time that Batman and WE are sad by that, we know that the Joker lives, so she didn't kill him in the end

    Alfred says that not even him could bring her back from the pit, but he did

  8. This is one of the few Batman movies that doesn't forget about Bruce Wayne. Bruce begging his parents to let him be happy at their graves is one of the best Batman moments ever.

  9. Best voice acting of all time..Mark Hamill as the Joker–I don't think anyone could've done it better, no wonder he did the job for more than 25 years. RIP to Keven Conway..I think he got in just as much time doing Batman. This one's my favorite Batman animated films.

  10. I really hope after Batman and Superman you watch Justice League the animated series it’s super good and they’re is an episode that ties into this movie

  11. I was lucky enough to see this in theaters. When it was revealed the mob henchman was actually Joker everyone freaked out. And you could hear people saying "No way!" when the Phantasm was revealed.

  12. @MegMage Reacts the part where Alfred walks in on Bruce and Andrea the 2nd time, means after all those years Alfred has not lost his reflexes. Knows when to leave and in impeccable fashion