BATMAN (1989) BREAKDOWN! Details You Missed & Why Keaton Is The Best! | Deep Dive

Batman (1989) Full Movie Analysis & Deep Dive by Erik Voss! Why is Jack Nicholson’s Joker the creepiest, and Keaton’s Batman the best in the cowl? Go to and use code DEEPDIVE at checkout for 20% off!

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Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) changed everything for superhero movies, a massive hit whose profits directly funded what became the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and left a legacy so timeless that Michael Keaton’s Batman is now returning in The Flash (2023). How do Tim Burton and Oscar winning production designer Anton Furst craft a version of Gotham and a brooding masquerade? Enjoy this analysis and visual investigation by Erik Voss (New Rockstars) to finally reveal the deep dark truth of this film and dozens of details that you may have missed!

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34 thoughts on “BATMAN (1989) BREAKDOWN! Details You Missed & Why Keaton Is The Best! | Deep Dive

  1. It was the summer of *89', the town High School was infiltrated with Japanese exchange students.
    The Batman Hype was real for a 11 year old boy, allowed to hang you out and exp all of it.
    Happiest days of my life, not a care in the world.

  2. Nobody ever talks about how unmatched and not much of a threat Nicholsons joker is when taking batman on 1 on 1 at the end, like batman was already injured from the batwing crash and taking on 3 henchmen in the bell tower before getting to joker and batman just beats him up no problem.

    Also no one talks about how Vicky vale goes to give joker a blowjob to distract him before batman beats him up,Like that's not really something I want in my batman movie, or any adaption for that matter

  3. Michael Keaton was awesome and iconic as Batman / Bruce Wayne – same with Nickelson. The series just became too "circusy" and too "comic book on screen". I loved the first movie in the original Batman series but I also think the Christian Bale trilogy is the best. Bale was also fantastic as Batman / Bruce Wayne and Heath Ledger was absolutely amazing as the Joker – the absolute best in that role IMH&HuO…..those three movies were dark without making the entire sets dark colors. The storyline was also awesome. The weakest of those three, The Dark Knight Rises, was almost expected to be after Heath Ledger 's tragic death. On a complete side note, taking the loss of their lives out of it, I think the tragic death of Carrie Fisher also really hurt "The Rise of Skywalker"….

  4. I LOVE this movie! This was my introduction to the Batman world when i was a kid, the comics, the videogame, etc. Now i'm 39, and Batman still my favorite superhero thanks to this movie, and my 3 favorite Batman movies are this one, The Dark Knight and The Batman (2022).

  5. When this movie came out it is hard to describe how much it changed everything about superhero movies. I was a plus30s woman that was so impressed by Gotham city's look on the big screen and the strength of the characters. Also my introduction to Tim Burton. It really changed the feel of comics to movies. Dick Tracy also came out about the same time. I liked how the main characters had monochrome outfits to reflect the comic look. Dick Tracy wore in a bright yellow trench coat. It too represented a new look of bringing comic books back to the big screen, but it was Batman that is still great to watch today. At the time, it was Batman that people talked about. At my age then, it was my coworkers who took their kids to see the movie and came back to tell me that I was right about how good it was. Keaton is my Batman.

  6. You really studied your Batman I thought I was a mega fan until I heard you talk about every aspect of this movie, right down to the eyebrows Kudos to you and this video it really shows you know what your doing, and your great at it! 💯

  7. The one thing i take exception to is when people take a series of consequential events, and say, "without this, there would have been no that." People say the same thing about rock and roll. Without Elvis, without Chuck Berry, without Louis Joran, etc. Nonsense. Like music, films don't come out of nowhere. They are evolved by the culture around them, among many other things affect their development.

    You could easily say, without the X-men movies, there would be no MCU, since superhero movies died a slow death with the Joel Schumacher Batman films. It took the X-Men movies to regain interest. You could also attribute the honor to the Superman films from 1978-87, (well, the first two, anyway). The popularity of the first two Chris Reeve movies directly led to Batman 89, which supposedly led to the MCU. If there was no Batman 89, something else would have likely come around soon to replace it, and drive that desire for more superheroes.

    So, true…the butterfly effect is real, so the MCU wouldn't have been exactly the same, i'm sure, if Batman 89 wasn't a thing. But there's countless things you could say, "if it wasn't for this, you wouldn't have that." Batmam 89, as great as it was, was only one event in the long history of things that led to the MCU, and that doesn't even include technology, culture and social climate all playing important roles as well.

  8. I find his theory that every movie is either Wizard Of Oz and Citizen Kane to be pretty interesting and I totally agree that this movie is supposed to be Citizen Kane

  9. Nicholson's white face is not make up, it's his real face, and he wears make up to look normal with the gangsters before hand buzzering someone to death. So with a white face, he DID take off his make up. Still, great as always 👍

  10. To those that weren't around in 1989 when this came out, it was a HUGE deal. I remember stories on the news where bus stations that had the movie poster on them were being vandalized. This movie was everywhere that year and you couldn't escape it. And it lived up to the hype. One can definitely see it's influence in the years and decades that followed. I'm glad Warner Bros let Christopher Nolan have creative control, they should have given that same control to Burton, that Bat universe would look very different had they done that.