Alfred is The Joker and Batman Finds Out

The Joker’s true identity is revealted to be Alfred Pennyworth, Bruce Wayne’s butler, and Batman finds out!


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42 thoughts on “Alfred is The Joker and Batman Finds Out

  1. The main question is, how can Alfred be the Joker in jail and still be available for Buce at the mansion? It’s interesting, but doesn’t work

  2. Honestly if he was the joker then it would show just how much Alfred loved him. And really anyone who is willing to do something like this for the sake of someone else even if the one that finds out would never want to speak to them again is not that bad of a person

  3. That would make sense as to why Joker couldn't be identified, and why his origins were being kept mysterious. Not only would he have the means to remove his fingerprints from databases and get clothing that has no tags to follow, but it would make sense to keep his real identity secret to keep up the charade.

  4. If Alfred was the Joker, how would he be able to serve time in Arkum Asylum and escape Arkum Asylum all the time while hes supposedly taking care of Wyane Manor at the same time. Also how old is Alfred and hows hes been not get injured by Batman. there's a lot of questions and things that don't line up lol

  5. It’d be cool if Alfred was actually the first Joker (more playful less violent version think the Adam west series) and stopped once bruce found out but inspired a younger more violent more vicious new generation

  6. If that's true That Alfred is Joker Then he beat Jason Todd in Cold Blood and killed him And if he never became the choker in the first place Maybe Jason Todd would still be alive and Nightwing

  7. It's interesting but there's a lot of parts where it's not logically possible. This plan would have to be flawless every single time without a hitch. On missions Alfred communicates to Bruce in real time so he can't act as the joker simultaneously. The other jokers would have to never know about each other because of the possibility of rebelling against the puppet master at some point who in this case would be Alfred. The fact that Joker is chemically influenced means he is not necessarily reliable or trustworthy at all. If a joker was put in jail/locked up and another joker is doing a mission at the same time, Bruce would find out. He monitors the city like crazy and he's extremely smart so at some point he would figure out there is more than one Joker. The element of surprise and seemingly random actions are too calculated. If Bruce really wanted to he would and probably already does monitor Alfred 24/7. The guy lives with him and he's paranoid as heck and that's what makes him such a good investigator. Priceless technology and unbelievable fortune. Yeah he's being monitored 24/7, "family" or not. Basically Bruce isn't always on missions so he has more than enough time to consider all possibilities. He faces villains that are extremely smart and dangerous. Alfred only has so much influence and what is stopping anyone from killing Alfred. Easy betrayal at the site of the deal being made. Technology can drain Bruce bank account so why go through all of that for his fortune. Alfred is old as fk and he's been had access to the money. Killing or making Bruce more formidable doesn't serve any logical purpose. Alfred signs documents on their behalf so all it would take is a piece of paper. Not some outrageous million step plan to get what he wants. Dude lives in luxury and loved the Wayne family. The theory simply doesn't work out. Entertaining to go the route of what if but knowing the characters it wouldn't fit their personalities to be controlled or influenced by Alfred.

  8. If this were to happen, I could see it as Alfred not even KNOWING he's the Joker and vice versa. Also, it would be interesting if Joker didn't have Alfred's knowledge which would explain why Joker couldn't have taken advantage of things. This would also explain why Bruce could never kill the Joker. Even if it was only out of instinct, he might realize that killing Joker meant that Alfred was never coming back. The opportunities that come from this are very interesting. But somehow I doubt we'll get anything like that anytime soon.

  9. It could be all a false face of fate, Alfred and his false face of lies a lie to save his friend and master and son Batman by becoming THE JOKER ? But is Alfred the bad guy or just the one who made a rich man a hero he is, and if Alfred made the joker as we see who killed Bruses parents?

  10. Is pretty stupid, like superman glasses.. Batman is the best detective and if alfred was the joker that would meann that alfred is even smarter than bruce and we are talking about a guy who can defeat superman

  11. To any who wrote this I’m a big Alfred fan as is. Please keep this in the comics and off the screen. If it were the Bible ,this would be sacrilegious! Just asking a favor most movies these days suck

  12. Love this theory. It could also be stretched that while Alfred may have invented the Joker, he could have sparked a revolution of copy cat villains who took up the joker mantle and the persona spiraled out of control from there, hence the 3 Jokers plot.

  13. Its a cool idea but it can't be canon because Alfred and the joker have fought before, Alfred often appears in the same frame as the joker throughout the comics. Its an interesting retcon but unfortunately it can't be true. Also when the Joker is locked up in Arkham, Alfred is still at Wayne manor. Even if Alfred had an army of "actor friends" helping him he couldn't realistically pull it off. Also he would have had to kill hundreds of people for this to work including crippling Batgirl and killing Jason Todd. According to DC comics the total is about 671 people excluding else-worlds story-lines and the Emperor Joker story-line. It would require Batman to be kind of an imbecile as well, which he is clearly not.

  14. It would make more sense if Alfred hired various actors/stunt people to play the parts of the various rogues gallery players using a sizable inheritance he received from the Waynes. He helps Bruce heal by creating various characters and schemes to keep him motivated and engaged both mentally and physically instead of broken down and depressed. Alfred creates the schemes with the help of some very talented writers, directors and choreographers like a Hollywood production. Alfred sends them a message when Bruce is on his way. Then, the coup de grace, people get hurt (well-paid stunt people) but nobody ever dies because that’s the one thing Bruce refuses to do!