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Oz Comic Con currently runs in the cities of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. After Red Hood’s team got unceremonially disbanded due to comic circumstances, he changes his design to be even more rugged, being even more low tech than he was before. You might even end up being the center of attention at an event. … Read more

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Both sets of photos are stellar, with the Daniel Zuchnik set sporting a clearer and more realistic look while the JwaiDesign Photography set is more stylized and colorful. From the striped bustle and matching spats, to the two-toned corset and matching shrug, fun details abound, including the tiny striped top hat with a skull on … Read more

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Girl power: Fans and Cosplayers kicked off Comic Con at the San Diego Convention center. Badge Awards. 5. anime black digital drawing elegant fanart girl illustration manga photoshop suit woman makima art chainsawman fullbody. Elegant Suit : Makima Published: Jan 26, 2022. By. The cosplay reminds fans of Jason Todd’s often forgotten connections to the … Read more

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0027s Raining Neon created her own rendition of the Injustice costume. There’s an immense amount of texture and details all down the sides of her costume and on the shin guards, hood, avenger costumes and buckles. At number 6 is the costume of the high school students/pop group members from K-On! In Howl’s Moving, Howl … Read more

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World of Warcraft (WoW) fans are finally getting the big screen treatment with the Warcraft movie dropping this weekend. “Undercover Punker Part 3: Satin Underground” took a story that began almost flippantly, grew into a bit of intrigue that seemed still borderline throwaway, and finally matured into a story not only worthy of Harley Quinn … Read more

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I prefer to use screenshots, especially if they are using an emote, captain america adult costume because that just gives me more of an idea of their personality but I have used sketches people have drawn. More traditional versions of the Batman world characters could also be found at NYCC. Most of the players mingle … Read more

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Americans are likely to spend $9 billion on Halloween this year, nearly equaling last year’s record, according to the National Retail Federation. There is still a rack of hats, wings, collars and full outfits near the front of the store – near displays of other pet clothing, including orange UT gear – but PetSmart condensed … Read more

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He’s a trooper! People reports that Doyle spent the last month walking his long journey. There’s nothing better than practising and learning from others,’ she said. That means face paint, masks, and fake noses are all out, as are simulated blood, scars, adult power ranger costume or anything else that could be mistaken for an … Read more